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Pedestrian Safety

Posted: March 29, 2018

In light of the recent coverage of road traffic incidents in Discovery Bay (Around DB), we would like to remind parents, caregivers and students of the importance of road safety and our responsibility as pedestrians. While there have been reports about a spike in traffic on Discovery Bay roads and a concern over safe driving, as members of the community, it is also our responsibility to take care when crossing the roads on foot. Just last week we had an incident where a DC student was very nearly hit by a vehicle, which was in no way the fault of the driver.

With the creation of new bus stops and interchanges due to the construction in the main plaza, we have seen pedestrians, both adults and children, rushing for buses and crossing roads without stopping to look for vehicles prior to crossing. We have also witnessed many pedestrians dangerously crossing in front of buses after exiting, making it very difficult for passing road traffic to know somebody is about to step out from in front of the bus.

As pedestrians we should understand the importance of stopping and looking in ALL directions prior to stepping out into the road and be alert for vehicles that are turning or reversing. Equally important, pedestrians should not be distracted by electronic devices that take eyes (and ears) off the road. We urge you to speak with your children about their responsibilities as pedestrians both in and outside of Discovery Bay, and to ensure that we all, adults as well as children, act responsibly in this regard.