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Please – no adults in the children’s toilets

Posted: March 23, 2018

At Discovery College the safety of children is paramount in all that we do. One aspect of this is ensuring that children’s toilets are only accessed by children. For the safety of all children, it is important that no adults (parents or helpers) access the G/F or LG/F children’s toilets adjacent to the primary classrooms during drop off and pick up times. We seek your support in making sure that we maintain best practice in child safety and make these toilets for children only.

We would respectfully ask that all families inform the adult responsible for picking up students after school about this important information.

Adult toilets are available to the right hand side of the entrance adjacent to the cafeteria. If you have a pre-school age child who needs your assistance please also use these toilets. Thank you in anticipation for helping make Discovery College a safe place for all children.

Please read the signs positioned on the toilets for hours of operation.