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Support The Green Cobras – Reusable Tumblers starting from 30 April

Posted: April 27, 2018

The Green Cobras and Student Council have been working together to reduce non-recyclable waste in school.

From 30 April onwards, the cafeteria will be offering a $3 discount on purchases of drinks using a reusable mug/cup/tumbler.

The Student Council and Green Cobras will also, starting from the same time, sell mighty mugs (with the DC logo) and collapsible tumblers to members of the community on the ground floor, before and after school for $110 each. The small profit made will be given to the Green Cobras for their projects in the future (e.g. planter boxes were installed last year). In addition to the discount, you can pick up a loyalty card when you purchase your next drink to get your sixth drink for free!