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Y11 Personal Project Exhibition

Posted: April 27, 2018

Congratulations to all Year 11 students involved in Wednesday’s MYP Personal Project exhibition. Year 11 students presented a stunning display of projects which reflected their areas of deep personal interest and passion. Projects ranged from cook books, the production of fermented foods, home-made computers, language learning resources, essays exploring contemporary and historic events, and various instructional videos. The value of the personal project goes much deeper than the production of the project itself. In producing their projects, students come to a deeper understanding of themselves as a learner and this was reflected in the quality of the conversations Year 11 students had with the broader DC community. The bigger purpose of the Personal Project is to give students the opportunity to come to a clear understanding of oneself as a learner. This involves developing one’s ability to think critically and creatively, manage time and communicate effectively with others. These abilities will serve Year 11 into their senior secondary studies and beyond.