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Year 11 Exam Session

Posted: April 27, 2018

All Y11 students will participate in a short exam session over 17-18 May. During this time, students will complete a number of assessments under examination conditions for Mathematics, Science, English Language and Literature, Individuals and Societies and Spanish/Chinese. It is very important to note that these exams are not ‘finals’ and are not ‘weighted’ more heavily than any other assessment a student has completed this semester.

The purpose of these exams is to give students an experience of sitting a number of assessments, under examination conditions, over a short period of time. Feedback we’ve received from previous cohorts of Diploma students indicates that having examination experiences prior to the Diploma is a valuable experience in preparing for the Diploma’s assessment practices. In terms of what this means for Y11 Semester 2 reports, the results of these exams are considered with all other evidence in determining a student’s final result.