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Raising Awareness about Moon Bears

Posted: May 11, 2018

I think that most of you have heard of bear bile farming, but do you really know what happens behind those gates? You see, lots of people think they know what’s happening to the bears, but they don’t. If they did, they would have done something to help the bears.

So what is happening to the bears?   Well guess what, they keep these bears in tiny cages, they extract their bile everyday, but not in a good way, they don’t use some nice techniques to extract it, they chain them to tables and stick a needle into their gallbladder.  You probably think that if whatever they’re doing to the bears is so bad, the government would have banned it already.  Well, they have, but only in Vietnam, not China, so these actions continue to grow.

You can help us to help stop these actions. We intend to raise awareness and raise funds to support Animals Asia.  For $5 only from Monday 14 May to Friday 18 May during primary lunch we will be face painting for moon bears in the foyer as part of our action for Year 6 Exhibition.  If you would like your child’s face to be painted, please sign up in the Google form here.  Spots are strictly limited to 20 students per day. Only students who have parental permission can have their faces painted.

Woody, Maddie, Jada, Catherine and Yang Yang – Year 6