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2018-19 Stationery and PTA fees

Posted: June 1, 2018

PTA fees cover staff and administration costs of the PTA, which enable us to provide services including sourcing and providing uniforms and mandatory school stationery, organising Family Fun Day and Cultural Activities, supporting Primary Class Representative-organised events, producing the school contact directory, and running parent/student information seminars.

For the 2018-19 academic year the Discovery College ePayment system will be used for the collection of the PTA and Stationery Fees. Payments will no longer be accepted in the PTA Shop for these two fees. The 2018-19 academic year’s fees will be automatically deducted on Friday 15 June. Please log into Gateway to make sure you have sufficient funds in each of your child’s ePayment account prior to this date. The PTA fee will be deducted from the ePayment account of the youngest enrolled sibling of each family.

The stationery fees will be deducted from your child(ren)’s ePayment account on Friday 15 June. To order your child(ren)’s stationery, please click on the relevant link below.

Year Level in 2018-19 Stationery Fees  PTA Fees Total Amount deducted
from ePayment
$727 $450 deducted from the ePayment account of the youngest enrolled sibling of each family $1177
Y2 Stationery Pack $462 $912
Y3 Stationery Pack $470 $920
Y4 Stationery Pack $254 $704
Y5 Stationery Pack $273 $723
Y6 Stationery Pack $205 $655
Y7 Stationery Pack $248  $698


My child is in Year 8-13, do I have to pay for stationery?
Yes and No. $450 will be deducted from your child’s ePayment account on Friday 15 June for PTA fees, but the Mandatory Stationery Pack (exercise books as noted in the link below) may be purchased directly from the PTA Shop. Should you have left over exercise books from the previous year(s) and/or space in their current exercise books, they should continue to use them. It is the responsibility of all Year 8-13 students to ensure they have the correct exercise books for each subject. Below are the links to sheets outlining the items required for purchase. Exercise books can be purchased individually and range from $10 for the A4 exercise books to $85 for the hard bound Art Book.

Please click HERE for the additional stationery order form.