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DC Students Continue to Shine in 2018 ICAS Competitions

Posted: June 15, 2018

In March this year around 250 DC students from Y4-12 voluntarily participated in one or more of the International Competitions & Assessments for Schools (ICAS) competition. DC students again performed exceptionally with 40 High Distinctions (top 1% in HK), 169 Distinctions (next 10%) and 241 Credits (next 25%). Certificates for all participants have just arrived at DC. They will be distributed next week.

ICAS Medal – Congratulations to another 3 DC students
The ICAS Medal is awarded to the student who gains the top score in a competition across the whole of Hong Kong in that year level.

Eric Xin in Y5 (for the second time)
Hana Van De Wiel in Y11 (for the second time)
Rohan Lassiaz in Y5

These outstanding young people will join our 24 previous medal winners in English, Writing, Mathematics and Science over the last eight years.

Congratulations to our High Distinction students – representing the top 1% in Hong Kong:

  • Year 12: English – Ji Won Chung, Siosi Tameifuna
  • Year 11: English – Alan Wilson, Anthony Chen, Casey O’Brien, Hanna Van De Wiel, Jennifer Anderson, Mihika Jindal, Raymond Chen, Skye Fung, Science – Alan Wilson, Anthony Chen
  • Year 10: English – Alisa Lam, Writing – Ga Eun Kim
  • Year 9: English – Hyungjun Kim, Kimberley Wee, Writing – Doh Young Jeong, Franchesca Escueta, Harshita Adury, Kershaun Mathew, Science – Hyungjun Kim
  • Year 8: English – Abhinav Khanna, Ruben Japp, Writing – Abhinav Khanna, Eluisa Foti, Marian Cheung, Mathematics – Abhinav Khanna, Eluisa Foti, Science – Ruben Japp
  • Year 6: English – Kyra Manaktala, Marcus Chao, Patrick Xin, Mathematics – Jae Won Park
  • Year 5: English – Kasey Chiu, Eric Xin, Writing – Eric Xin, Rysa Bahri, Science – Rohan Lassiaz
  • Year 4: English – Adela Hood, Mathematics – Mahir Uppal

When you receive your ICAS certificates
Individual ICAS results and certificates for students who entered the competition will be distributed next week. ICAS provides an opportunity for all students to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external testing situation against other students in Hong Kong. Participation at DC is voluntary and approximately 15% of our students enter.

Please note:
• Competition papers are assessed at HK local school equivalent age levels: DC Y4, = P3, DC Y5 = P4, DC Y6 = P5, DC Y7 = P6, DC Y8 = HK F1, DC Y9 = HK F2, DC Y10 = HK F3, DC Y11 = HK F4, DC Y12 = HK F5, DC Y13 = HK F6
• Students who sat the test did exceptionally as a group, however individual results are only ONE indicator of your child’s ability. They occur on a particular day at a particular time and many factors can affect performance including attitude, nerves, experience in sitting tests etc.
• As students fill out the name information themselves there may be a few certificates that need corrections.

Application procedure for change requests:

  • Change requests must be submitted to DC Reception before Tuesday 26 June. 
  • A charge of HK$50 per level/per subject will be levied by ICAS for change requests received after this date.