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House Dance spectacular

Posted: June 22, 2018

Well done to all the students involved in the House Dance on Thursday 21 June. The standard from all houses was the highest we have ever seen. Large crowds of students and staff were entertained by creative choreography, energy and enthusiasm. In both Primary and Secondary sections the competition was incredibly close leading to a number of tied scores. 

Primary House Dance Video
Secondary House Dance Video

1st Place – Purple (Jīn Shǔ – Metal – 金属)
2nd Place – Blue (Liú Shuǐ – Water – 流水) and Yellow (Rè Tǔ – Earth – 热土)
3rd Place – Green (Qīng Mù – Wood – 青木and Red (Liè Huǒ – Fire – 烈火)

1st Place -Yellow (Rè Tǔ – Earth – 热土)
2nd Place – Blue (Liú Shuǐ – Water – 流水)
3rd Place – Red (Liè Huǒ – Fire – 烈火and Purple (Jīn Shǔ – Metal – 金属)
4th Place – Green (Qīng Mù – Wood – 青木)