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Sunshine Action Club a Success

Posted: June 22, 2018

Over this school year, DC’s Sunshine Action Club has been dedicated to advocate local issues around Hong Kong. With a group of highly enthusiastic and committed students, and two eager student leaders (Adrian and Apple, Y12),  Sunshine Action Club has participated in a number of activities dedicated to helping local citizens who are in need and raising awareness of these issues that are so close to us, but often go unnoticed. Some of these events involved food distribution, in which students helped the NGO Sunshine Action pack and distribute food to those who are in need, and street sleepers simulations, an event more suited towards students who are interested in immersing themselves in an unfamiliar yet common situation that occurs in Hong Kong: sleeping outdoors with no shelter. The various activities raised awareness among DC students regarding local issues (while engaging them in exciting activities), also helping members of the Club become more closely involved with direct community service. Being newly founded this year, Sunshine Action Club has worked towards impacting the local community in a positive way, and will continue its legacy into the future.