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World Maths Championships Success

Posted: August 17, 2018

Over the holidays four DC students competed in the the WMC finals. In the Junior category, Hyung Jung Kim, Seo Jin Park, and Samira Salwan. They all qualified for the finals earlier in the year at the event in Seoul. This competition is unlike many others, in that it involves a great deal of collaboration with other students from around the region. Hyung Jun did very well, and received a Bronze Collaboration medal. Seo Jin achieved a silver in the Strategy section, and also won the Duel round. Although Samira didn’t get a medal, her team placed second in the Open round.

Representing the school in Seniors was Kevin Xin. He won 5 different category medals, and placed 3rd overall in the event. This is really a superb performance, since all the finalists had to qualify from another event, which was populated by the best mathematicians from schools around Asia. Placing so highly shows that Kevin is not only a brilliant mathematician, but that he also has the communicative and problem solving skills needed to thrive in a range of environments. He himself is humble, explaining that he simply loves the subject, and finds it restful to do maths, and that the competition was challenging, exciting, and rewarding.

The next iteration is the Senior Qualifier, this year in Tokyo, in October.