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House Captains Announced

Posted: September 21, 2018

On Thursday 13 September around 50 brave and confident young people presented speeches to their Houses in the hope of becoming a Primary or Secondary House Captain for the 2018-19 school year. Each house has three Primary and three Secondary House Captains. Congratulations to the following students who were elected as our 2018-19 House Captains:

青木 Qīng Mù (Wood) – Green House Captains
Primary: Csombor Balogh 6JES, Sofia Valadao 6ASD, Yoonha Lee 6ASW
Secondary: Ryan Ang 12R, Casey O’Brien 12V, Csende Balogh 12C

流水 Liú Shuǐ (Water) – Blue House Captains
Primary: Karlee Dean 6KHN, Amaya Mantel 6JES, Fiona Xing 6JES
Secondary: Humyra Nasrin 12Y, Ash (Tia) Power 12Y, Horeb Lau 12S

烈火 Liè Huǒ (Fire) – Red House Captains
Primary: Caleb Bisley 6JES, Elsa Tang 6KHN, Emma Lo 6KHN
Secondary: Marianne Rouleau-Tang 12D, Michelle Lam 12D

金属 Jīn Shǔ (Metal) – Purple House Captains
Primary: Vernados Lin 6KHN, Vaanya Rastogi 6ASD, Claudia Kwok 6 JES
Secondary: Sharon Abraham 12Y, Raymond Chen 12S, Anthony Chen 12C

热土 Rè Tǔ (Earth) – Yellow House Captains
Primary: Holly Terrebrood 6JES, Jorja Chitty 6ECN, Roxanne Yeung 6KHN, Phoebe Morley 6KHN (4 Captains due to a tie)
Secondary: Ruby McMaster 12Y, Sharon Jone 12C, Priscilla Khoo 12S