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Year 9 learning experiences offered this year

Posted: September 7, 2018

Y9 students and their families were alerted this week to two learning experiences on offer this year. One (Limitless) is a new ESF-wide initiative, and the second (Kardinia Exchange) was run last year for the first time.

Limitless is a 6-week experiential education programme being offered for the first time this year to a maximum of 60 Y9 students across the 7 ESF secondary schools. The programme will be based in Queensland, Australia from 11 May-21 June 2019, provided by Higher Ground, a highly reputable Australian outdoor education company, and supported by a number of ESF teachers. A big part of the ethos of the programme is about exposing students to life in a contrasting environment to Hong Kong, designed whereby students can make gains in terms of independence, self-reflection and self-development and that is what the programme is all about.

The Kardinia Exchange is a week-long Y9 student exchange with Kardinia International College, our Australian sister school. Kardinia is situated in the city of Geelong, a 1 hour drive south of Melbourne.The Kardinia students will visit HK in March 2019 and be billeted with their DC buddies, with our DC students returning to Australia from 11-19 May 2019. Each visit will include a range of school and community based learning, focusing on the local culture and environments, and with the added bonus of developing lasting friendships with students from another country.