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2018 Christmas Concert

Posted: October 5, 2018

Discovery College is holding a Christmas Concert this year to replace the Family Fun Day. The Christmas Concert arose from a number of factors, including the fact that last last one was back in 2011 and that we have few opportunities for our entire community to come together. The major motivator, however, came from the work that the Student Council has been doing on What Makes A DC Student? From this work, we set an annual plan target this year around Living Our Vision – With Privilege Comes Responsibility. This target is based on our entire DC community making a difference to those less fortunate, and really living the part of our Vision Statement, Dream. Make a difference for yourself, humanity and our planet. As such, all proceeds from the concert will go to two charities; one chosen by primary and one by secondary.

With support of the DC PTA, School Council, Staff, Students and Parents, we will come together from about 5pm onĀ Friday 7 December. The event will start with food and drink, a Christmas market, casual music and a range of games and activities. We will then move onto the Foreshore for a whole school concert. Year levels have been linked e.g. Y1 will be performing with Y13, Y2 with Y12, etc. There is a wonderful video clip HERE of four Y3 students (Jasmine, Anita, Kalen and Harry) yesterday asking Y11 students if they will perform with them. Please diary this date – it’s not to be missed.