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Character Strengths Day – Wednesday 10 October

Posted: October 5, 2018

This coming Wednesday 10 October is DC’s first Character Strengths Day, where we recognise and celebrate ‘what is right’ in each individual and in us as a community. This approach also enables us to consider who we are when we are at our best and what would change about our lives if we brought the best of ourselves to each situation?  DC staff recently spent two CPD days with Professor Lea Waters learning further about wellbeing and the importance of using strengths in all we do. Current research highlights the importance of character strengths for everyone. In education there are specific benefits for students including: increased academic achievement, improved mental health and greater prosocial behaviours.  

Character Strengths Day is an opportunity for the students to be involved in many activities to both celebrate their own and others’ strengths and to learn more about the importance and application of character strengths. This will be an exciting day for students and staff to celebrate the strengths you see in your children and in your family. We encourage you to have further conversations with your child(ren) about their strengths and the strengths within your family.
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