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Today’s MYP Assessment Workshop

Posted: October 26, 2018

On Friday, MYP Coordinator Adrian Gan presented the Understanding MYP Assessment parent workshop in the 4/F Senior Student Centre. The interactive session included information about the MYP assessment philosophy and how the MYP reports on student achievement.

Digital Literacies Coordinator, Joe Leithhead, also provided an introductory session on how to navigate the school’s Assessment, Recording and Reporting (ARR) platform to access student reports.

Parents gave some helpful feedback at the end of the session:

“I used to think… MYP assessment was complicated. Now I think… it is transparent and I know how to support my child.”

“I used to think… that MYP assessment was just looking at the numbers 1-7. Now I think… there is more about the thinking process and having a quality dialogue with my girl. Thank you! Good session!”

“I used to think… assessment is only to find out how the students understand the curriculum they learned. Now I think… MYP assessment is more specific and deeper to understand the student’s learning. It also trains them to develop an independence and wider thinking on their study, which is good.”

More information about assessment in the MYP can be found HERE.