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HEO Events Update

Posted: November 23, 2018

Monday 19 November 2018 – High table events at St John’s College, University of Hong Kong
We are delighted our Y13 students (Adrian Yan, Apple Kwok, Dennis Law, Ethan Godinho, Jasper Tong, Ji Won Chung, Kanika Mathew, Kriti Dwivedi and Kelly Su) were invited to St John’s College, the oldest residential college at HKU for a High Table Dinner on Monday 19 November 2018. DC Alumni Mikaeel Malhotra ’17, Jocelyn Tang ’18 and Jimmy Lee ’18 who are currently studying at HKU also participated in the event to share and connect with our DC students. This is a very privileged invitation to one of the most traditional events at HKU and is extended to only a limited number of students to give them a valuable opportunity to experience university life. Here are some feedback from our students:

This experience was truly enjoyable, allowing us to not only bond with each other but also open our eyes to a whole new perspective. Participating in ‘Dining in The Dark’ was an extraordinary experience and we were able to experience life without sight.

It was a wonderful experience that gave me a much better understanding of what it would be like to study and live in one of the best universities in Hong Kong and around the world. The dinner gave me a chance to interact with local and international students who study in various fields and help my decision in choosing a suitable field of study.

I was one of those people who ate my dinner blindfolded, which was a new, yet strangely enjoyable experience. I have more insight and awareness of the visually-impaired.

We were privileged to listen to the personal recounts of Jennifer Wong (the featured guest speaker). The event was a thoroughly enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

The dinner was a unique experience; it raised awareness on blindness and those with physical impairments. It was an enjoyable opportunity to connect with friends, visit the HKU campus and educate myself on the considerations that accompany sight impairment.

This is an exciting experience that allowed me to capture some of the traditions practised at St John’s College, HKU.”

Tuesday 20 November 2018 – International University Alliance (US)
12 universities nationally ranked in the top 5-6% of US institutions and each holds excellent ratings for specific subject areas, especially business, engineering and STEM subjects. The universities have also streamlined the application process and created additional support services for international students which include:

  • Direct entry without using common app
  • SAT/ACT optional
  • Flexible application deadlines & waived application fees
  • Competitive, merit-based, scholarships for international students
  • Dedicated campus team of academic, student services and career advisors
  • Career Development program leading to an internship at 1 of 500 US companies

Wednesday 21 November 2018 – University of Northumbria -School of Design (UK)
School of Design covers Industrial, Fashion, Communication and Innovation Design. With alumni including Apple’s Sir Jonathan Ive, principal designer of the iPad, iPhone and iMac, our design community examines design in the context of use, beauty, social and cultural contexts. Northumbria’s School of Design was named one of Europe’s top design schools by US Business Week magazine and has an international reputation for innovation and creativity.

Thursday 22 November 2018 – MMI mock for Medicine, Dentistry and Vet
The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) is an interview style used by certain university programs such as Medicine, Dentistry, Vet etc as part of their admissions process. This mock interview assists applicants with MMI interview preparation. We are delighted to have Mr McCann, Mr Tate, Mr Mackenzie, Ms Blomfield and Mrs Jackson as our interviewer to cover the followings topics: Ethics, Biology/Science, NHS/HK/BVA, Personal Statement/Work Experience and Practical.

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What’s coming up next:
Monday 26 November 2018 | 1.30-2.20pm | Prof John Cossar (Physiotherapy) and Kee Hean Lim (Occupational Therapy) from Brunel University London will be visiting HK.
Wednesday 5 December 2018 | 12.30-2.20pm | Swansea University – Geography Lecture by Dr Rees
12.40-1.30pm (Block 5: Y13 DP Geography & Economics) – Topic: The challenges facing China in the global economy
1.30-2.20pm (Lunchtime: Open session Y11 – Y13 students) – Topic: Climate Meltdown? The role of ice in climate change