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Visible Wellbeing Parent Information Session

Posted: November 2, 2018

As highlighted at the Parent Information Fair, this year is an exciting one for the College as we look to consolidate and embed previous work within the area of Wellbeing with the support and guidance of Professor Lea Waters, a world renowned psychologist, author and speaker who specialises in Positive Education, parenting and organisations.

We would now like to extend an opportunity for our parent community to join Lea, where she will introduce the Visible Wellbeing Framework we will use at DC. The presentation will explain how we are working toward combining the science of wellbeing with the science of learning to make wellbeing visible in all classes and across co-curricula activities. In this presentation, Lea will also share Visible Wellbeing practices that can be easily used by parents to support the wellbeing of your children at home and complement what is happening at school.

As a school we are very excited by the opportunity to work with Lea across the next two years and we look forward to seeing as many parents attend this event as possible.

Parent Information Session
Date: Wednesday 21 November 2018
Time: 6.30-7.30pm
Where: DC Theatre
Cost: Free, but please reserve a seat

Please reserve your seat by clicking on the link HERE.