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Visible Wellbeing – Year 3 students share their learning

Posted: February 22, 2019

This week we once again feature some of the emerging practice that is happening as the College continues its Visible Wellbeing Journey in partnership with Professor Lea Waters. This week’s article spotlights wellbeing understanding among our Y3 students.

Y3 recently enquired into wellbeing as part of their ‘Who we are’ inquiry. They explored the 6 pathways of Lea Water’s SEARCH framework and came up with strategies that can be used to improve wellbeing. Some of these students wanted to share their learning beyond their own classrooms with the wider school community as DC’s very own Visible Wellbeing ambassadors. This is because they believe the message of wellbeing is important to everyone. We hope you enjoy the video HERE and learn more about the SEARCH framework as well as how to improve your own wellbeing.