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Year 6 Action

Posted: March 29, 2019

Group Names
HTD – Help the dogs
Charlotte and Kaari
Please bring donations for PAWS to the DC foyer.
What: toys, towels, dry dog food, dog toys or you could donate.
Date: Monday 1 to Thursday 4 April
Time: 8-8.20am
What we are doing: Sell bookmarks and give out stickers when the kids donate.
Who: Y1-13s or any adults
Wildlife Warriors
Vyom Dutt, Sophia Xing, Fiona Xing, Zaira Saldanha and Roxanne Yeung
We are taking part in the WWF Run for Wild on Sunday 7 April.
Please sponsor us to raise awareness about the poaching of endangered animals. We will also be selling bookmarks to raise awareness. Any sponsorship welcome at 8-8.20am in the DC Foyer on Monday 1 to Thursday 4 April
More information can be found HERE.
This is our page HERE.
Stop The Testing, Stop The Cruelty!
Reese, Sherene, and Yoonha
Selling Bookmarks
What: Bookmarks ($5 each)
Who: Y1-6
Why: To raise awareness for Animal Testing and earning money to donate to PETA
If you want a bookmark, please email: or to ask for more details.
Be cruelty-free!
By Rysa, Manuela, Samantha and Emma T
Who: Y6-13
What: Selling Soaps and doing face painting/makeup for students who are keen to donate
Where: DC foyer
When: Monday 1 to Thursday 4 April (during lunch and snack)
Why: To raise awareness and raise money to donate to Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA)
Gender Fairness day
Jarvis, Oliver, Karlee and Xander
Boys and girls to come along and get a clinic from 3 groups of Y12 girls.
Time: Primary lunchtime from 12.45 to 1.25pm.
Date: Wednesday 3 April
Where: Meet at the DC foyer and go to Siena park.
Education Police
Jio, Injee, Coraline and Sophie Lee
Donating money for charity
When: Wednesday 3 April, Exhibition night on Tuesday 9 April during snack and lunch (For the night, just do it on the night)
Who: Everyone
What: All money raised is donated to HOPE International
Anti-Plastic troops
Jake, Michael and Miles
Bringing $5 to go to our bookmark competition so that they can join.
Time: Tuesday 2 April, 12.50-1.25pm (Y1,Y3,Y5) Thursday 4 April, 12.50-1.25pm (Y2,Y4,Y6)
Who: Y1-6
Organic Beeswax Wraps
Sophie Devlin-Leitch, Bella Devlin-Leitch, Harrison Speed and Arabella L
Selling a designated amount of Beeswax Wraps in the G/F Foyer
Why: To advertise Beeswax Wraps, also so people stop using cling wrap or plastic wrap.
What: Eco-friendly, reusable Beeswax Wraps as an alternative to plastic wrap, with beeswax, wraps the buyer may select one of the three sticker designs. Four selections of sizes of beeswax wraps, lid or jar sized (circular), large and medium.
Price: Small $20-25 medium $35 and large $50.
Time: Morning & after school
Date: Wednesday 3, Thursday 4 and Monday 8 April
Who: Everyone
Bully Buster
What: Anti-Bullying Art Contest
Who: Y1-6
Winners win what: A keychain and/or a notebook and mentioned in my movie and maybe winning posters get put around the School
Baby Sharks
Jorja and Holly
What: Bring some money to donate and be ready to sign a petition and play pin the fin on the shark.
When: Monday 1 to Thursday 4 April 2019
Why: To raise awareness for sharks and help get money to send to WildAid
Plastic Pollution
What: You should be ready to sign a pledge and get a free sticker
When: Monday 1 to Wednesday 3 April
Why: We will send this to the owner of the rugby sevens and show him how many people signed it  
Humza Bazarwala
Topic: Deforestation
What: Sign a petition about not using toothpaste boxes.
When: whenever you can
Why: I have made this petition HERE, so that everyone can stop using toothpaste boxes and when we reach about 100 signatures, I will send it to all of the toothpaste companies.
Child Abuse & Neglect
I will be selling portraits of people for $10 at DC.
Who: Y4-13
When: Thursday 4 April before school to Sunday 7 April.
Congenital heart defects
What: Cricket fun, learn cricket skills and play cricket.
Who: Y3-6
When: Monday 1 & 8 April, Tuesday 2 & 9 April.
Why: to raise awareness about Congenital heart defects.
Cost: $5 or more to raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities.
Health Action Hero’s
Crystal, Joey, Sophie Z
We would like them to buy products from us or donate money.
Pangolin colour in competition
Amber, Anna, and Mia
What: Colouring Competition
When: All lunchtimes from Monday 1 to Thursday 4 April
Why: To raise awareness about pangolin