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DC Cobras Sports Awards 2019

Posted: May 31, 2019

The third annual DC Cobras Sports Awards was hosted at Discovery College on Monday 27 May 2019. Again, the event was well attended by around 200 students, parents and staff. On the evening we celebrated the success of 51 teams who played U12, U14, U16 or U20 competitions in 11 sports. A total of 515 athletes participated in these teams contributing to the great number of banners we acquired this year. Whilst the evening is a chance for us to celebrate our Most Valuable Players, Most Improved Players and Fair Play recipients, they couldn’t have received these awards without the help of their teammates.

Coaches play a huge role in the development of teams both on the field/court and off. This year we have had a big focus on developing the whole player and encouraging humility in our athletes, with great results. Thank you to all coaches who gave up time for training, fixtures and the pastoral matters, which helped our teams stay strong throughout their seasons. You can view the full Cobras Sports Awards Presentation HERE which includes a highlights video along with a video compiled by students thanking coaches.

Finally, it is timely to recognise the efforts of our 12 Primary Sports teams and their coaches who play a huge role in growing our Cobra Sports programme. I look forward to another successful year in 2019-20. Please keep an eye on Ding! for updates on trials and any other Cobra Sports information. Season One trials will happen throughout June 2019.

Lawrence Wilkinson (Sports Coordinator)