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Simon Green and David Shrubsole lead workshop for DC Drama Students

Posted: May 3, 2019

On Tuesday 30 April 2019, the DC Drama Department was lucky enough to host two professional theatre-makers, Simon Green and David Shrubsole. Simon and David spent the day at DC, working with Drama students enrolled in DP and CP Theatre course, together with Y11 students who have elected to join the DP theatre course next year. The focus for the day was creating characters as a basis for collaborative theatre. Students discussed characters from well-known plays and analysed their actions and foils and how this helps to build the narrative in any play. Students then chose a persona from a range of magazines and newspapers and formulated their actions and foils between their characters within groups, and created a short performance of their work.

It was a great day for all, and such an amazing opportunity for our students to work with active professionals in the field – not less award-winning ones. We have since received feedback from Simon and David that they were very impressed with our students’ enthusiasm and work ethic.