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DC Students continue to shine in 2019 ICAS competitions

Posted: June 21, 2019

In March this year, around 250 DC students voluntarily participated in 1 or more of the International Competitions & Assessments for Schools (ICAS) competition papers. The results have just arrived at the school. DC students again performed exceptionally with 24 High Distinctions (top 1% in HK), 190 Distinctions (next 10%) and 291 Credits (next 25%). Please note: Certificates for all participants have been delayed and we hope will arrive at DC by the end of June in time to be distributed before the end of the academic year.

ICAS Medal – Congratulations to another DC student
The ICAS Medal is awarded to the student who gains the top score in a competition across the whole of HK in that year level. DC has had a winner, or winners, every year we have entered the competition. This year, congratulations to Abhinav KHANNA, in Y9 for Mathematics.

Congratulations to our High Distinction Students – Representing the top 1% in HK:

  • Y12: English – Alan Wilson
  • Y11: English – Samira Salwin, Writing – Seo Jin Park
  • Y10: English – Kimberly Wee, Writing – Harshita Adury
  • Y9: English – Eluisa Foti, Mathematics – Abhinav Khanna, Writing – Eluisa Foti, Hoi Hang Lo, Science – Abhinav Khanna, Eluisa Foti
  • Y8: English – Abigail Luk, Caitlin Wong, Ian Suh, Writing – Ian Suh
  • Y7: English – Hei Yan Yuen, Lara Gaeta, Patrick Xin, Yashasvini Agarwal
  • Y6: English Rysa Bahri, Eric Xin, Mathematics – Eric Xin
  • Y5: English – Mahir Uppal
  • Y4: English – Isla Cheng