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Farewell Mr Beach

Posted: June 28, 2019

Finding adequate words to express our affection for our Principal Mark Beach and our gratitude for all that he has done to enrich the lives of all of us is an impossible task. Simply listing Mark’s many accomplishments as founding principal of Discovery College falls far short of describing what he has truly meant to the school and its people. Leader. Mentor. Friend. Mark leaves behind a legacy of vision and growth. He leaves a staff of highly qualified professionals eager to educate and nurture each of our students. He leaves the school in a secure financial position, a place that not so many years ago seemed unattainable. He leaves a strong and unified School Council, an invested PTA and a community of parents who are deeply involved in their children’s education and committed to their success.

Mark has led DC with compassion, kindness, and a reassuring sense of humour. He was the welcoming host and appreciative audience at countless school performances. He was the enthusiastic mentor to Personal Projects and Exhibition groups and Student Council, the proud and beaming presence at graduations. He was the Easter Bunny at assembly and countless storybook characters in the book week parades. Mark knew us-our names, our faces, our stories.

Mark has been selflessly committed to the DC community from his first week as Principal to his emotional farewell. It is his vision that will continue to serve as the guiding force as DC continues to Grow. Discover. Dream. Thank you, Mark, from the bottom of our hearts.