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Internal Discovery Bay Parent-organised School Bus

Posted: June 6, 2019

As many parents will know, the DCPTA school bus service is limited to serving locations outside of DB. However, in recent years, a separate parent-organised service has operated inside DB, serving the following locations:

  • Crestmont Roundabout
  • Caperidge Drive
  • Jovial/Haven Court
  • La Vista
  • Glamour Court
  • Woodland Court
  • Island View
  • Seabird Lane bus stop

For 2019-20 the bus company which provides this service is considering using a larger vehicle, so consequently, additional seats may be available. Places on the bus will be allocated on the basis of first come, first served after confirmations from existing children who currently use the bus service and their siblings who might be joining the school. Interested families are invited to contact the organiser of this service directly: Mrs Bashuli SaneĀ bashuli@gmail.comĀ 9270 5364