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Interpreting your ICAS certificates

Posted: June 28, 2019

Individual ICAS (International Competitions & Assessments for Schools) results and certificates for students who entered the competition in March have arrived and been distributed through learning teams.

ICAS provides an opportunity for all students to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external testing situation against other students in Hong Kong. Participation at DC is voluntary. Please see last week’s explorer for information about DC results and high achievers. When you receive your results please note:

  1. Competition papers are assessed at HK local school equivalent age levels: DC Yr 4, = P3, DC Yr 5 = P4, DC Yr 6 = P5, DC Yr 7 = P6, DC Yr 8 = HK F1, DC Yr9 = HK F2, DC Yr10 = HK F3, DC Yr11 = HK F4, DC Yr 12 = HK F5, DC Yr 13 = HK F6
  2. Students who sat the test did exceptionally as a group, however individual results are only ONE indicator of your child’s ability. They occur on a particular day at a particular time and many factors can affect performance including attitude, nerves, experience in sitting tests etc.