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Upgrade to ESF Electronic Payment System

Posted: June 21, 2019

As previously noted in the Explorer, the ESF is in the process of upgrading its electronic payment system (currently called ePayment)  to give more flexibility to parents in how they choose to make payments via the Gateway. Based on feedback from parents they have engaged a company to produce a system that will add the option to use PayPal and credit card payments as well as PPS. Over the summer break we will be migrating to the new system. Launch is scheduled for the beginning of the next academic year at which time your existing ePayment account balance(s) will be transferred to the new system.

Please note that your previous transaction records are unable to be transferred when the new system goes live. If you require a copy of your historical transactions in ePayment we suggest you print these from the current system before the beginning of the next academic year.

To download your records:

  1. Login to Gateway using your family account. Open ePayment.
  2. Select the Account Balance and transaction records.
  3. If you have more than one child studying with Discovery College you will need to repeat this process for both children.
  4. Select 100 records per page.
  5. If you have multiple pages of record, repeat step 5 for each page
  6. Right click on the page and select print or select print from your Browser application menu.