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Change of Personal Details

Posted: August 16, 2019

Any changes to the personal details of students or their parents/guardians should be undertaken via the Gateway Change Request system, information for which can be found on our website under “Gateway Help” HERE.

Parents are requested to advise the College immediately through the Change Request system of any changes in personal details, including residential address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, visa extensions, etc., to ensure that all records are kept up to date and that proper contact can be maintained between the College, the student and parents.

Any changes requested under the following circumstances should be accompanied by uploading relevant proof documents for the purpose of verification by school staff:

  • Hong Kong ID Cards
  • Birth Certificates
  • Passports
  • Resident status (visas)
  • Name changes
  • Nationality change
  • ESF Alumni details
  • ESF / ESL Staff details
  • Change of residential address

Any request for changes of personal details made via email to school staff will not be undertaken.