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Cobra Sports Team Training Sessions – Season 1

Posted: August 16, 2019

DC Cobras start training for Season 1 ISSFHK & ACAMIS sports as follows:

U14 Boys & Girls Football (Games will be either Tuesday or Thursday afternoons)
Wednesday 14 August (3.30-5pm). Training will be every Wednesday

U20 Girls – Monday 12 August (3.30-5pm)/Friday 16 August (7-8am). Training will be every Monday & Friday (Games will be Wednesday afternoons)

U20 Boys – Tuesday 13 August (3.30-5pm)/Thursday 15 August (7-8am). Training will be every Tuesday and Thursday (Games will be Thursday afternoons)

U16 Girls – Thursday 15 August (3.30-5pm)/Monday 19 August (7-8am). Training will be every Monday and Thursday (Games will be Wednesday afternoons)

U16 Boys – Wednesday 14 August (7-8am)/Monday 19 August (7-8am). Training will be every Monday and Wednesday (Games will be Thursday afternoons)

Swimming (U12/14 Swim Meets on Tuesday’s, U16/20 Swim Meets on Thursday’s)

Monday 19 August & every Monday (6.45-8am) – U12/U14/U20
Wednesday 21 August & every Wednesday (6.45-8am) – U12/U14/U16
Friday 23 August & every Friday (6.45-8am) – U16 & U20

Netball (Game day to be confirmed)
U16 & U20 Tuesday 13 August (7-8am).Training will be every Tuesday

ACAMIS Mixed Touch
Year 9-13 students are welcome to come train for the ACAMIS Invitational Mixed Touch (Boys & Girls) Tournament which DC are hosting on Thursday 7 & Friday 8 November at King’s Park. Training will be Wednesday & Friday 7-8am at DC. Training starts Wednesday 21 August.

Mandatory Fitness
ALL U16 & U20 Teams – Monday 19 August and every Monday (3.30-4.45pm) with Mr Viirret in the LG/F Dance Studio.

Any new students wanting to participate in any of these teams should email Mr Wilkinson onĀ