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2019 Primary Parent-Teacher Conferences  

Posted: September 13, 2019

Reporting to parents at Discovery College includes communicating what students know, understand and can do at certain points of the year. Parent-Teacher Conferences are one avenue across the year that enables us to do this. This coming week our Primary Conferences will be held, please see the key information below.

Key dates and times:

  • Wednesday 18 September¬†2019
    Please note: On Wednesday 18 September your child will finish school at 12.35pm and will be required to be picked up at this time. School buses will operate as per revised time. Please ensure someone is there to pick your child up. Students are not expected to be at school during the Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • Thursday 19 September 2019

We look forward to parents attending this event at their pre-booked time. Please access your individual Gateway account > Parent Consultation tab to access your time if you have forgotten. Please can I kindly ask that parents respect the timings and arrive on time for this event.