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ESF K-13 Strategy

Posted: September 20, 2019

As you will have seen from previous communication, ESF have begun the process of implementing the ‘K-13 Strategy’, a series of measures designed to provide a coherent through-train education for students across the foundation. Students applying for Kindergarten places this month (K1 starting in August 2020) will be the first cohort to be guaranteed a Year 1 place in an ESF school (in August 2022) if they successfully enrol in an ESF Kindergarten. Information was communicated to all ESF families by email before the summer.

While August 2022 might seem a while away, there are implications for DC families who have younger siblings born in or after 2017 – namely that applicants (including non-siblings) from ESF Kindergartens will, for the first time, enjoy higher priority than siblings who are not enrolled in an ESF Kindergarten. Consequently we have recently been engaged in a communications exercise to ensure that existing DC families with a pre-K-aged sibling are aware of the priority that will be given to students who are enrolled in an ESF Kindergarten, and can consider for themselves whether they wish to enrol their child in an ESF Kindergarten so as to gain this priority (Kindergarten siblings will enjoy priority over Kindergarten non-siblings, so existing DC families who do enrol in an ESF Kindergarten are in a very strong position for admission). This communications exercise has involved a data grab to identify families with younger siblings born in 2017, 2018 or 2019; families with these younger siblings who responded to the data grab have been contacted by email or telephone by senior leaders from the College to ensure they are fully informed about the strategy. We will continue to be proactive in the lead-up to the K1 application deadline of 30 September, and over the next few years as the strategy is implemented, in ensuring our community is informed of the relevant changes. The educational ethos underpinning the strategy – the provision of a coherent through-train education that supports and nurtures our young people throughout their school years – is well-aligned with our mission as a through-school.