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World Mathematics Competition in KL

Posted: October 25, 2019

From Thursday 17 to Saturday 19 October 2019, a group of nine students from Y10-13 participated in the World Mathematics Competition Senior Qualifiers 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Participating in the competition were over 170 students from different international schools throughout Asia who indulged themselves in the exciting world of mathematics. Two Y12 students, Seo Jin Park and Samira Salwan also received the “golden ticket” to the WMC Senior Finals that will take place in Melbourne, Australia.

As for myself, this was the third and final time. Attending these training sessions and participating in these competitions helped me realise why mathematics was something that sparked my interest in the first place. The nine different rounds were able to challenge the skills that I learned throughout my time in DC. Additionally, the competition doesn’t focus on the “test” side of mathematics, but rather allowing everyone the opportunity to collaborate with others who share the same passion and communicate with their teammates to understand the mathematics behind a problem in order to achieve the final answer. Moreover, these competitions, although challenging and overwhelming at first, were also rewarding experiences that allowed me to learn about those who enjoy mathematics as well as improving my mathematical skills in the process. 

Well done to Seo Jin Park, Samira Salwan, Zeynep Akkok, Richie Takasumi, Arjun Arora, Shreeya Shrimali, Hyungjun Kim, and Abhinav Khanna, and thanks to Mr Street and Ms Goodlad for taking us.

Report written by Man Yiu Tang in Y13