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Remembrance Day – Monday 11 November

Posted: November 8, 2019

At 11am on Monday 11 November 2019, DC will be marking Remembrance Day. This occasion is observed each year in Hong Kong across a number of community elements including different faith groups, service-related organisations and representatives of the government. 

There are a variety of different traditions associated with Remembrance Day; the date and time was originally derived from the Armistice at the end of World War I, but since then the tradition has broadened to include remembrance of the fallen in other conflicts across the globe as well. As an international community Discovery College does not draw only on one national tradition or interpretation of Remembrance Day, but rather the occasion is one on which we remember and reflect on the impact of conflict in any location, time or context.

It is a chance for us to remember those who have died in war, and to reflect on the importance of working for peace and reconciliation as part of our commitment to international mindedness and intercultural understanding.