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Year 13 Summer Chiu featured in Super Parents magazine

Posted: November 8, 2019

We are proud to share Summer Chiu’s article from Super Parents Magazine. An English summary is below. Please click the Link to see the full article. Congratulations Summer!

Year 13 Summer Chiu’s passion for cooking, especially for making cakes, started many years ago when she made a bowl of fried rice with eggs and ham for her mother on Mother’s Day. What started out as something she just thought was fun, Summer realised that she has grown a lot through cooking because along the journey, she consistently encounters failures. Her developed perseverance and persistence has allowed her to overcome all challenges.

After winning a cooking competition held by the Television Broadcast (TVB) in 2014, she was granted the opportunity to host a tv show along with a renowned chef. This has allowed her to gain a sense of responsibility and develop communications skills. She was able to participate in various charity events and teach children how to cook. After years of planning and hard work, Summer had her very first cook book published last year. All proceeds earned from the sales have been donated to Pat Heung Central Primary School, as it is Summer’s wish to help those who may be less fortunate, and to have more children have the opportunity to do what they like. She hopes to spread positive energy through cooking, and to become a doctor in the future.

If you would like to find out more, please click HERE to read the article in Chinese from the Super Parents《學前&親子》Magazine.