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Postponed – Australian Bushfire Awareness Day

Posted: January 23, 2020

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Australian Bushfire Awareness Day will be postponed, details to be announced later. 

Right now Australia is being devastated by the worst wildfires they’ve seen in a very long time. 28 people have been killed, more than three thousand homes have been destroyed or damaged, and some people estimated that a billion animals across the country have been affected. Firefighters and volunteers are working hard, but they are still struggling to contain the huge blazes.

The Primary Class Captains have seen this and decided that our school community needs to take action. So, they have organised the Australian Bushfire Awareness Day. On this day, all members of the DC community are asked to make a donation to help the people and animals of Australia.

All the money collected will go towards two charities:
Red Cross Australia 
WWF Australia

Donation booths will be set up in the school foyer throughout the day and everyone is encouraged to support. The class captains have arranged a slideshow to share with students and staff and will give everyone who has donated a sticker to help raise awareness.

We hope our community can support this cause and thank you in anticipation.