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MYP Update

Posted: February 28, 2020

At Discovery College, all teachers and the Learning Diversity Team are working hard to support and provide an ongoing curriculum for your child in these challenging times. We will continue to use online and home learning during the school suspension to ensure that there is continuity and progression in learning for every single student. As such, expectations for MYP course completion in each subject are high. It is paramount then that you are providing your child with a quiet working space wherever possible, and encourage your child to be proactive in asking questions of their teachers if they are ever unsure of tasks.

The home environment provides the foundation for current learning and is an element of the student’s life that can affect achievement. It is important that children are well-fed, well-rested, calm and ready for the day of learning, with all materials necessary for task completion on hand, and we are grateful for the support of parents in this. Creating a positive physical and mental atmosphere in the home helps prepare students to be ready and able to learn.

Your child will receive various forms of feedback during their online learning experience. Teachers create opportunities for feedback during lessons as this reinforces the value of the feedback, and allows students to respond to it in a supportive environment. Feedback could include:

  • Verbal feedback – from teachers who focus on the learning intention of the task, or from peers (we call this ‘peer conferencing’) during Google Meets
  • Written feedback – from teachers or peers during Google Meets using the chat function in an individual lesson, or on work submitted in Google Classroom or on Google Documents
  • One-on-one conference through Google Meets, with a teacher and/or Learning Diversity Team member where they provide strategies to help the student to improve.
  • Self-assessment – students analyse work completed against criteria in order to understand the goals of their learning.
  • MYP grades (0-8) are awarded against the set criterion (A, B, C, D) for an assessment piece.

Work completion should be a priority to ensure that your child continues to progress to the best of their ability in all their subjects. The work set will go towards their final Semester Two grades. If your child misses a task, your child will receive an email with a new deadline, and you will also be contacted. Please ensure your child prioritises this task so that workload demands do not build up. No child will have to repeat a year if they fail to meet the expectations of the task requirements.

It is important to encourage your child to discuss their usage of various Approaches to Learning Skills (ATL) as listed in the graphic below, as these are built into every lesson at Discovery College:

Conversation starters to ask at home

  • Which Approaches to Learning skills were most valuable to you today/this week? Why?
  • Which Approaches to Learning skills have become more valuable during remote learning?
  • Which Approaches to Learning skills do you think you need to develop further? What ways can I support you?
  • What was the hardest thing you had to do today? What Approaches to Learning skill/s did you have to use that helped?
  • What feedback did you receive today from your teachers and/or your peers?

Please ask your child to contact their individual subject teachers and/or Dean if there is anything they need further assistance with to build their self efficacy.

Kind regards
Annette Garnett

Secondary Vice Principal/MYP Coordinator