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On-campus Access under Limited Circumstances for Year 13 Students

Posted: February 14, 2020

On-campus access under limited circumstances for Year 13 students completing examination requirements in practical subjects

Following discussions between the ESF and the EDB, the EDB has granted permission for some very limited on-campus access to be offered to students in Y13, their final year of studies, who are working towards examination requirements in practical subjects such as Art and Design. This campus access, which is voluntary for students to take up, is restricted to a very small number of students in this situation and to the completion of examination work that cannot be done at home, e.g., large scale art works, design projects requiring specialist equipment etc. Students eligible for this provision over the next two weeks, and their parents, have been written to and those students who choose to take up the opportunity will attend campus in small groups on planned occasions within the next fortnight, accompanied by staff and with stringent health measures in place. Further opportunities for such limited access to campus for Y13 students completing examination requirements in practical subjects will be considered for subsequent weeks as required.