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Year 13 IB Diploma Exams proceeding as planned

Posted: February 21, 2020

As class suspension continues, a number of parents and students have enquired if the external IB Diploma examinations will go ahead as scheduled in May. I am pleased to confirm that we are able to proceed with these external examinations at Discovery College as planned. This has been confirmed by the IBO, EDB and ESF.

Health and safety will remain a priority for us at all times and we have been given clear guidelines to follow in order for the examinations to go ahead. These include measures such as temperature checks, students and invigilators wearing masks, using hand sanitisers before entering the exam centre and student declarations that they meet all of the health and safety requirements.

We are delighted that our students will be able to complete the examinations as planned and we are doing our utmost to provide the support that we can during this crucial period of time.