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HEO Updates on Progress in Year 11, 12 and 13

Posted: March 20, 2020

Year 11 
Students have been busy researching careers and Diploma subject choices, taking personality profiles and preparing their resumes. Although work experience has been cancelled in June, some students are planning to hopefully secure some type of internship over the summer break. Whether this happens or not, creating a good resume is a valuable life skill and we have seen some very creative resumes being submitted.

For a copy of Year 11 presentations, please click below:

Year 12
It is a very important time for Year 12 as regards university research, becoming familiar with different admissions systems and procedures and exploring possible majors. They have also been working on their student brag sheet giving us a valuable insight into their background, strengths, and interests. For a copy of the Student Brag Sheet, please click HERE. This proves invaluable when the time comes to writing admissions essays and attending interviews.

For a copy of Year 12 presentations, please click below:

Year 13
Students are making their final decisions regarding university choices. They have been sent an IBO Service Request form which will ensure their exam results are sent directly to the universities of their choice. For a copy of this form, please click HERE, please access the form with Discovery College student email. All universities have been contacted regarding the challenges our students are currently facing and have been facing over the last year, and recommending these extenuating circumstances are taken into account when results are released. The response so far has been very positive – universities are very understanding and acutely aware of the situation which should ease some of the pressure our students are understandably experiencing.

HEO Year 12 Parent Webinar
The HEO will be holding our first parent webinar on Wednesday 1 April 2020 at 8.30am. More details to follow. This will be aimed specifically at Year 12 parents, but everyone is welcome. This will provide parents with the opportunity to ask questions and raise any particular issues of concern. Please click HERE to register your interest and inform us of any questions you would like answered and/or issues addressed.

University Webinars

As always our door is open – virtually for now but it is definitely open. Please contact the HEO at if you would like to make an appointment.