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Primary Update

Posted: March 27, 2020

As I am sure parents are aware, the ongoing school closures have provided many challenges at school level, and I know has done the same for families at home. Due to these challenges, we have continued to reflect on what is the most appropriate, and valid, way to report to parents at this difficult time. As a result of this reflection, we will make changes to the way in which we have previously reported to parents at this time of the year. These include:

A Consolidated Term 2&3 Written Report

This report will include outcomes from both Term 2 and Term 3, replacing the Term 2 report previously scheduled for Friday 3 April 2020. This consolidated report will take into consideration all the data we have at hand, including student submission of key work samples as requested in the Home Learning. We will also possibly use a number of class based assessment pieces, usually used at this time of year. The use of these assessments will depend on future school resumption, and where appropriate, we will take into consideration the possibilities of online options within different year levels whilst school is closed.

Reconfigured Student Led Conferences, due to be held on Tuesday 28 April 2020

This will be replaced by an Online Parent Teacher Conference to be held at a date yet to be confirmed, within the first four weeks of Term 3. We feel that in response to parent feedback in recent surveys, this is going to be the most appropriate method to connect parents with teachers to communicate how things have been going for your child, your child’s strengths and future next steps. More information will come out about this in Week One after Easter.

Other methods of reporting and information about student learning during this time, which are accessible to parents, include:

  • Regular Student Feedback on submitted work.

This occurs weekly and for Year 1-3 students, parents can find this on your child’s Seesaw account. For Year 4-6 students, parents can find evidence of this in Google Classroom and Seesaw depending on the task at hand. Teachers are tracking this feedback to ensure student learning is planned for effectively.

  • Curriculum Learning Intentions and appropriate tasks, explaining what your child is learning.

These intentions can be found at the beginning of each Home Learning task on the Grid. They are written as a ‘We are learning to…’ statement. The learning tasks will provide an overview of each curriculum area, including lesson instructions and the development of specific knowledge and skills within curriculum areas.

As I am sure you can imagine, there are many complexities with ensuring ‘Reporting to Parents’ is done in the most authentic and appropriate way during this time. We hope by making these changes that we will be addressing the needs of all our stakeholders.

Stay tuned for more information after the holidays.

Chris Barr
Head of Primary