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Secondary Update

Posted: March 6, 2020

I trust this message finds you well. Thank you again for your ongoing support during this period of class suspension. I have spoken to a number of parents this week and I am really thankful for the thoughts, effort and consideration that is going in to support learning at home, despite these challenging circumstances.

One frequent question that emerges from these conversations is ‘How can I support my children at this time and how do I know if they are doing well?’

With this in mind, I would suggest having conversations such as:

  • Show me one piece of work that you are proud of
  • Show me one piece of work that you find challenging
  • Tell me one thing that you can do to overcome this challenge (e.g. email teachers)

These conversations will help to gain an insight to your child’s experience and should give you some understanding of their progress. If concerns emerge from these discussions, please contact the subject teacher or Learning Advisor in the first instance.

Furthermore, please be assured that all teachers are actively tracking students’ progress and providing feedback in a variety of ways, as outlined in the message in Explorer last week.

The feedback being provided covers the following key areas for students:

  • Where am I going? Feedback that clarifies the learning intention or success criteria.
  • How am I going? An activity within a lesson that ensures the student knows how they are progressing in relation to the learning intention.
  • Where to next? Suggesting the steps needed to address the gap between their learning and the intended outcome.

The intention is that by using these questions, all students can be guided on their next steps of learning so that they make ongoing progress.

We are continuing to reflect and review our practices to ensure that there is a consistency of experience for students in terms of these key questions. With this in mind, thank you to all parents who have completed the survey so far. This will close at 8am on Monday 9 March 2020 and if you have not had the chance to complete this yet, here is the link for your reference: REMOTE LEARNING SURVEY

Thank you again for your support during this difficult period of time and please be assured that we will continue to look at how we can refine our practices to ensure the best learning experience possible.

Have an enjoyable weekend and I hope you have the chance to spend quality time with your family.

Best wishes
Mark Poulsum
Head of Secondary