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“Colours of Chinese New Year” Art Competition

Posted: April 3, 2020

Congratulations to Marcus Wai in Year 6, being one of the merit winners in the “Colours of Chinese New Year” drawing competition. This win is the second time in a row for Marcus.

We also would like to give a big applause to everyone who participated in the competition. Some artwork from the students was featured in the organiser’s social media – these students are:

  • Alefiya Sudhaman in Year 5
  • Ein Lee in Year 5
  • Lindsey Cha in Year 5
  • Mikail Omer Maqsood in Year 5
  • Summer Fortune in Year 4

Please find Marcus’s artwork below for your viewing.  For more details of the event, please view the website HERE

Once again, we thank all participants and hope more students can engage in this fantastic experience next year.