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Uniform 2020-21 – moving to online store

Posted: May 29, 2020

As noted last November, Discovery College is moving to an online uniform supplier for 2020-21. You can view our previous update on this here. The College is working with other ESF schools to achieve the best possible value for money for parents through a centrally-procured supplier who, in due course, will supply all ESF schools.

The Discovery College online uniform store has now been launched, and is accessible here:

Click on the Discovery College logo to view the catalogue. While there have been some minor changes from the previous uniform design, the uniform remains very similar and from this point forward students can wear items either from the previous supplier or from the new supplier.

The role of the PTA shop is changing as a result of this move, which is prompted by changes to government policy. However, the PTA will continue to offer the following:

  • From now until Friday June 19 parents can visit the PTA shop and acquire uniform from the previous supplier at significant discounts. As noted above, uniform items from the previous supplier can still be worn into next year and beyond as they are very similar to the new uniform items. Due to continued social distancing measures PTA shop attendance continues to be managed on an appointments basis, with details / sign-up for appointments here.
  • After the summer, the PTA shop will continue to offer its stock to parents at significantly discounted prices for a period of time. At this point, parents will be able to visit a clearance site, linked to from the Discovery College online uniform store above, and purchase these items. Collection will be from the PTA shop directly for any items purchased in this way, and parents will be able to complete clearance site transactions while visiting the shop itself at a specially-provided computer terminal.
  • Also after the summer and on an ongoing basis thereafter, students wishing to try on the new uniform items before purchasing online will be able to visit the shop for fittings once the Covid-19 situation has improved.

As these changes occur and we move over to an online supplier, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the PTA for all their incredible hard work on school uniform over many years, and in particular Sapna, our chair, and Andrea and Cheryl, our dedicated PTA staff, for all they have done both to support the community with acquiring uniform up to this point and to help manage this transition over the past few months. The PTA shop will continue to sell stationery items for 2020-21 and will remain a hub for our community.