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Wellbeing Challenge of the week – Capture your Experience

Posted: May 15, 2020

This week’s challenge: Capture your experience over the past 16 weeks

Over the past few months people around the world have been connecting and sharing their experiences in very creative and entertaining ways around the world – now it’s our turn!

Draw on your creativity and humour to create a parody, a meme, or an inspirational message that captures something of your experience over these past 16 weeks. You might choose to highlight something funny that has happened, strengths that you have learned about yourself, things that you have found yourself doing that surprised you, advice for the world as we get back to school, and so forth.

Create your parody, meme or inspirational message and then upload your image, photograph or video to this Google form by Friday 22 May 2020.

It’s not too late to enter the last challenge

We have extended the deadline to Monday 18 May 2020 for the last challenge: Celebrate the strengths of the people around you at this time. Create an artwork of one A4 page that celebrates the character strengths of the people around you. These artworks will be printed and displayed in the entrance to welcome you back to DC on re-opening.

Upload a scan or photograph of your artwork to this Google Form by 9am, Monday 18 May 2020.