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Announcement on No Boundaries / Primary and Secondary Camps 2020

Posted: August 21, 2020

Though I am sure it will not come as a surprise given the current situation, sadly we must announce that the following programmes, originally scheduled for Term 1 this year, will not go ahead as planned:

  • Year 3 Camp (2 – 3 November)
  • Year 4 Camp (9 – 11 November)
  • Year 5 Camp (28 – 30 October)
  • Year 6 Camp (3 – 6 November)
  • Secondary ‘No Boundaries’ for Years 7 – 12 (14 – 20 November)

We have been monitoring the situation over the last few months to ensure that we explored every option of retaining some elements of these programmes. However, the current circumstances simply do not afford this possibility. 

At this stage, in lieu of the Primary camps we will be running the regular timetable for the yeargroups in question during what would otherwise have been the planned programme dates. We would appreciate if parents could please update their diaries accordingly.

Regarding Secondary ‘No Boundaries’, the Secondary Leadership Team are currently discussing how to structure the week in lieu of the planned ‘No Boundaries’ programme, and will issue more information to Secondary students and parents in due course.

For now, we are holding off any attempts at re-scheduling or finding alternative opportunities for these or similar activities to proceed this academic year, as we will need to see how the Covid-19 situation develops before making any further decisions.

While it is not possible for the programmes themselves to proceed as intended, we are examining ways in which the learning outcomes associated with the programmes – developing resilience and independence, forming and strengthening relationships, principled action and community engagement, engaging with the natural world etc. – can be addressed through the curriculum as a whole this year.