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ESF App Information

Posted: August 7, 2020

By the start of this term at least one parent per family should have downloaded the ESF app. The app will be an important tool for communication and through it you will be able to access important information about your child’s learning.  As our main point of contact, here is what you can expect for communication through the app vs. email:

  App Email
School Wide
  • weather announcements
  • The Explorer
  • general reminders – whole school events
  • none
Year Level
  • Year Level invitations for assemblies
  • general information about camps, excursions, celebrations, assemblies
  • eNotice / ePayment
  • confirmation of individual meeting
  • individual meeting minutes
  • individual uniform reminders
Class Level
  • reminders about work in progress or deadlines
  • class activity information
  • sports team reminders
  • class messages
  • eNotice / ePayment
  • individual communications to parents about improvement, achievement, overdue work, punctuality, etc.