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2020-21 House Captain Results Announced

Posted: September 25, 2020

In the midst of online learning around 60 enthusiastic and confident Year 6s and Year 12s put up their hands to stand for the positions of Primary and Secondary House Captains in our 5 houses. Each house has three Primary and three Secondary House Captains.

In past years these students would have made presentations and speeches to their house, but this year they created online videos and presentations to convince their peers they were the most suitable people to lead their houses. Interestingly, the number of nominations exceeded what we received in most years.

Online voting ran from Tuesday 15 September until Monday 21 September with very close results in many cases. Congratulations to the following students who were elected as our 2020-21 House Captains:

Blue House: 水 Liu Shui (Water)
Primary Y6 House Captains
Christina Warwick
Jaxson Klatt
Verabella Tsang

Secondary Y12 House Captains
Ryan Leung
Natalia Peyon Torres
Vivian Gu

Yellow House: 土 Re Tu (Earth)
Primary Y6 House Captains
Lily Trimingham
Isabel Potter
Rishabh Rishii

Secondary Y12 House Captains
Ethan Davies
Matthew Cheung
Amber Yu

Green House: 木 Qing Mu (Wood)
Primary Y6 House Captains
Isla Grainger
Dhaanvi Gupta
Amaira Bali

Secondary Y12 House Captains
Tara Jade Losecaat Van Nouhuijs
Erin O’Brien
Xavier Chang

Red House: 火 Lie Huo (Fire)
Primary Y6 House Captains
Oscar Backelandt
Ayaan Bhalla
Kingsley Lam

Secondary Y12 House Captains
Jade Busch
Aarav Patkar
Ye-Won Park

Purple House: 金 Jin Shu (Metal)
Primary Y6 House Captains
Mia Schwaabe
Sahana Yogeeswaran
Benjamin Tear

Secondary Y12 House Captains
Dior Jepson
Hyungjun Kim
Daniel Charters