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Primary Update

Posted: September 30, 2020

100% of students in 100% of the school day.
We’ve done it.

All students across the college are now officially back on campus for full days of face-to-face learning. The energy these last two days was palpable. I had the chance to meet a number of parents at the front gate this week. I heard one parent comment, “I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to do now.” My best advice is to take some time and breathe. The last eight weeks have been filled with lots of ups and downs and uncertainty. It feels like we are finally turning a corner. Take some time over this four day weekend to relax, reconnect with each other and start talking about the exciting happenings of school that lie ahead in the coming weeks.

A few quick reminders:

Smart Watches in Primary
As these watches have similar functions to a mobile phone such as cameras and the capacity to send and receive calls, they are not allowed to be worn by primary students during school time. As these are valuable items, the school advises they be kept at home. If you want your child to wear the watches to and from school, please be aware that they will need to be placed in their school bag for the whole school day just as they would be asked to leave mobile phones in their school bags. The school is not responsible for any damage or lost smart watches or mobile phones.

Dropping-off Supplies
We understand that sometimes things are left on the dining table and found when you return from dropping your child off at school. Please may we remind you that since school is still closed to parents and external visitors as per EDB and CHP guidelines, we ask that only items that are forgotten and absolutely essential are dropped off during the school day. Having a post-it note reminder on the door at home or, for older children, making them responsible for ensuring they have everything they need before leaving home, is a good way to build independence and responsibility.

Thank you and enjoy the long weekend.
Josh Blue
Head of Primary