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Secondary Update

Posted: September 18, 2020

It was great seeing the first group of students arrive on campus this Wednesday and we continue to look forward to other year groups joining us during the coming weeks. Further to the information last week, I would like to share some specific details around arrangements for Secondary school.

Class Resumption – When do different year groups return to school?
Year 13 will continue to access the school campus until 12.40pm on Monday and Tuesday next week. We then start our main phases of class resumption:

What will the students need to bring?

  • They will need to be wearing full school uniform.
  • If students have a PHE lesson, they must wear their PE kit all day as they will not have access to changing rooms.
  • Students will need to bring their own stationery, apart from Year 7s who will be given a stationery pack. Please note that the PTA shop is not available for students at the current time.
  • Students will not have access to a locker until after mid-term. They should only bring the equipment they need for that day.
  • They will need to bring their lunch, snack and a refillable water bottle.

What will the timetable look like?
To ensure an effective transition back onto campus, and to help with the phased resumption of classes, we will continue with our 3 block timetable from Wednesday 23 September until mid-term.

Please note the changes of lunchtime and recess. One of our key considerations has been to ensure social distancing during break times. This can be more easily achieved by ensuring that the Secondary breaks are at different times to Primary breaks. Furthermore, we wanted to ensure that lunchtime was not too late for students and that they had time to eat in one of our designated lunch spaces.

Please note, these timings will be for both onsite and online lessons from Wednesday 29 September.

Information about the timetable for after mid-term will be shared nearer the time. As notified previously, we will be moving back to our normal 6-block approach at this point.

What about teaching rooms?

  • For some Year 7-11 lessons, students will stay in the same teaching room. They will only move to access specialist spaces in PE, Science, Design Technology, Art, Music and Drama. This will ensure we minimise student movement whilst also enabling access to specialist spaces.
  • Year 12-13 students will continue to move between teaching rooms.
  • Timetables will be updated to reflect teaching rooms and students should check the day before they come to school for updates.

Where do students go at lunchtime when they are not eating? Where do they go at breaktime?

  • Students will have access to the decks on 2/F and 4/F. They will also be able to go to the foreshore and LG/F and G/F area, ensuring they avoid Primary school activities.
  • We will also be planning some rooms for socially distanced activities during lunchtime. More details will be shared with students shortly.

I hope that this information proves useful and please be assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure a safe and successful return to school.

Mark Poulsum
Head of Secondary