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Temperature records – please record your child’s temp on the ESF App each morning

Posted: September 18, 2020

One EDB requirement for school resumption is that parents must provide a record of their child’s temperature each morning. Last time around we provided temperature booklets, this time it has become much easier.

When your child starts going to school, please record their temperature on the ESF App every single morning before 7.40am. This is incredibly important to help keep our school open. Any school with a confirmed Covid-19 case will be shut down for 14 days, according to the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) guidelines. To record your child/ren’s temperatures, use the Ding! button in the ESF App. You will find the Daily Temperature Record form between the Covid-19 Health Declaration and the ESF Relief Grant form. Simply tap the edit icon and enter the temperature.

What do you do if your child has a temperature over 37.5 degrees Celsius?
Please keep your child at home and take them to the doctor. Enter the temperature on the App and let our office know before 8am via email at that your child is away sick. Please see page 27 of the Parent and Student Handbook for full details.

While over 99% of our parents have downloaded the ESF App, if you have not, please click on this QR code.

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